There are several layers of history involved and I will attempt to unravel them for you to see. India is a very complex place!


There is the Ancient history of the Myth, that begins with a great battle between the Gods and the Demons. A visionary tells them that if they work together they can find the Nectar of Immortality. After they do everything to find it, they quarrel over who would get it first and the Gods escape with the nectar, stopping on earth for 12 days, before taking it up to heaven. In four places they offered a few drops of the nectar into the different sacred rivers. One such place is Allahabad, India.


Ancient HistoryModern History

 Ancient Kumbh Mela History

The first known record of the Kumbh Mela was in the 5th century by a Chinese traveler, who wrote about the massive event, where donations were made to the monks from the king, as a service to the people.

Ancient History of the Mela

History of Modern India

The roots of the Indian culture lay in the history of conquerors that have descended into India one after another. This is what ultimately created the diverse culture that we know and love as Modern India today!

Modern India

The Myth of the Kumbh Mela

Thousands of years ago…