The myth begins in the Vedas, the ancient texts from the Gurus and Sages of the past. Many were able to see events and describe them, as if in a trance, revealing the most amazing stories from the past!


There is the Ancient history of the Myth, that begins with a great battle between the Gods and the Demons. A visionary tells them that if they work together they can find the Nectar of Immortality. After they do everything to find it, they quarrel over who would get it first and the Gods escape with the nectar, stopping on earth for 12 days, before taking it up to heaven. In four places they offered a few drops of the nectar into the different sacred rivers. One such place is Allahabad, India.


The MythFestival Grounds

The Myth of the Kumbh Mela

Thousands of years ago…

Over 24 million Visitors in 2001

In 1989, there were 16 million on the main day, and an estimated 50 million over the 40 day event. And in 2001 it was 24 million on the main day and a total estimate of 80 million for the whole event. And in 2013, there were 36 million visitors on the main day and over 100 million for the whole event.

Ancient History of the Mela

My story as a Pilgrim

How do I know about the crowds that were there? I was there in the crowd, back in 1989, and again in 2001 and 2013 too…

Mela Camp 1989
Mela Camp 2001
Mela Camp 2013